11 thoughts on “I’m fine

    1. *hugs back*

      Yeah, so here’s today lesson:

      If you are even mildly dehydrated – don’t give blood.

      Or if you feel you are going to pass out, make for the carpeting away from granite floors.


      1. Re: *hugs back*

        Ah.. got it now.

        also add “dont feel bad about going to hands and knees in a public place if you feel woozy-ish…. or just sitting down on the floor with your back to a wall.

        *hugs* again.

        Hmmm. I’m way overdue to make a deposit at the bloodbank now that I think of it.

  1. Eep!

    Was that a banana peel sort of *headfloor* or a “I’m on the floor and I have a bump on my head.. when did THAT happen?”

    any way… glad to the scanning cats have found nothing bad…


  2. So we know YOU are ok. How’s the floor look? 🙂

    And yet again, take a moment and just picture some nagging about Bon taking better care of herself here.

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