Monday…not enough oxygen

*yawn, stretch*

I have GOT to learn to turn off my alarm* after chatting with D until the wee morning hours. I am now the proud owner of 3 hours of sleep. Go, me!

Crunch time is over at work, the boss is on vacation, heck the boss’s boss is on vacation. Not sure what I am supposed to be doing this morning. I guess I will work on scripts…

*yawns again*

And now…for some random amusement.


This was the weekend of the “wait,…what? where?” plans**. No sooner than I make a plan than it changed, ofttimes while I was on the way there. OTOH, I did get to go dancing***, see Tam and chat with my honey. Which were my main priorities this weekend. Oh, I’m sure I should have cleaned or something equally virtuous. But, my couch was MUCH more appealing than say, scaring the cat with the vacuum cleaner. Although….come to think of it….that might be the plan tonight if the game actually does fall through.

* – i’m one of those folks who usually cannot go back to sleep after being awakened. there are exceptions but they are few and far between.
** – including, apparently tonight. just got email from one of the guys from game night stating that he is having tummy troubles and is likely not to make it. this was after last week’s admonition that we were, absolutely! going to game.
*** – Oh, and Void? Yeah. The mix was hrm…odd. Your sis said to say that you were fired. But only for a little, I am guessing.

4 thoughts on “Monday…not enough oxygen

  1. YEsh Thankie for getting me out to the Elysium, I had a great time even though i was dressed oddly for the club. Hope to have the housewarming soon but need to finish moving and boat stuff to do it right.

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