After careful review of my plans and my finances – both now & the potential future’s – I have decided that I need to break my current lease, find either a house or duplex with 3+ bedrooms and a roommate. Finding the house/duplex is the easy part. I have found several that will be more than fine. Finding a roommate that I trust, like and who is dependable is *not*. It’s not that there aren’t people in my life that I wouldn’t gladly live with — it’s that a good lot of them are happily ensconced already.

So this is my appeal, O Friend’s List. Do *you* know of somebody that I can chat with about becoming a roommate? They must :

be ok with children – the Girlie lives with me 1/2 the time.
understand that while I am not a party animal, people *do* come over to visit
be ok with kitties, I have one and suspect that I will have another 2 for a bit
be responsible, that is pay their bills fully & on time, every month
grok that I require more than a token of cleanliness
but that sometimes housekeeping is not my top priority
know that I am going to try to go back to school

Ideally, we could get a house in the 78758 area code (braker/metric) area, out near ACC Northridge.

If someone does pop into your brain, please let me know.

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