weekend warriors of fluffy doom

This weekend was amazing. Of course, it wouldn’t be my life if there wasn’t some level of British drama involved.* Nothing bad, just plans shorted at the very last moment that turns out, didn’t need to be. OTOH, we had a fantastic birthday party for the zee Girlie. It was very small but well decorated (thanks Tam!) and the cake was a hideously pink Barbie-fairy confection.** The Girlie cleaned up in regards to bday prezzies. Her two big presents were the Nintendo DS and the Build-A-Bear (or rather, kitty) that she picked out and accoutremented. In pink Hello Kitty gear, of course.

Dodger came into town this weekend. Most of the weekend we had some sort of physical contact going on. It had been six weeks since we had seen each other. For myself, I craved touching him.
So we chatted and held hands. Read books on the couch and tangled our feet together. Snuggled every morning. Walked the mall, arms wrapped about each other. It was heaven.

Dropped him to the airport to return home on Monday afternoon. Spent the rest of the evening grieving and missing him. Back to ‘normal’*** today. Sad that he’s not here but making plans and living fully.

* – “What is it Sebastian?” “Oh,…” “I think you had best go.” “Yes, I’d better had.”
** – Do you want cake? We have plenty left over.
*** – As soon as we determine what is normal anyway.

One thought on “weekend warriors of fluffy doom

  1. Glad you had a good weekend. Missed you at Dagan’s game on Sunday though. I showed up as a guest villain for the evening. Playing as Kenth Hammer/Darth Modius, I made Connon’s face contort in ways that just make me have a happy moment on the inside. Provided him with yet another dark side point *yay me-ness* and generally wreaked havoc on him and Tommy’s characters. I even had your old character sending telepathic thoughts at Freck as he went to attack the sith I was playing, saying, “No. Don’t. Please!”. I was so teh proud of myself, I about had a gamer-gasm.

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