Good morning, oh Best Beloveds….

Had a very interesting series of talks yesterday. *Might* move to Florida. Providing there are jobs there, of course.

Also, had a conversation with ex-J that went something like this:

Him: Can you take the Girlie a couple of days early? I have a surgery on Monday the 20th.
Me (thinking he’s talking teeth surgery) : Oh, for your teeth and the mercury stuff, right?
Him: No, I’m getting that done on the 14th
Me (def puzzled now): Then what kind of surgery?
Him: hem haw hem haw
Me (now terribly curious) : What kind of surgery are we interrupting my date for, dear?
Him: *mumble mumble*
Me: A little louder, please. I’m deaf in that ear.
Him: Vasectomy reversal. **
Me: *stunned/shocked silence*

I mean, what could I say to that? “OH MY GAWD, what a bad, bad, bad idea for you and $NEWGF to start a family right now, you incredibly immature person!”

But, I held back. His and her decision. Not mine. But damn if I didn’t giggle like a fiend when I hung up the phone. I am slightly ashamed to say that my first thought was “Oh, good – he’ll have a baby with $NEWGF then. He won’t mind my moving to Florida with the Girl so much, then.” ***

Mr. Man is stuck in Florida for the next year *at least* – probably closer to two or three – and as he is now in debt due to living on his credit card for the past several months, he will be working as much as possible. For the foreseeable future (aka known as until November at the earliest) this is the last weekend**** he will be able to come up here to visit. Plus, with my own current money woes, I am not able to travel there to see him. In short, this is the last weekend I will get to see him for a good long while.

I can’t move out right now, unfortunately. The break lease is more than I can pull together. Oh, ever. Its marginally cheaper for me to stay put where I am right now. A roommate would be a goodness but with my pickiness re: the Girl, I am not sure that I could find one that I consider reasonable. If I do find one, I don’t mind moving her into my room – the apt people can take a leap if they have issues with it – and letting roomie person have the child’s room. It’s not like there’s gonna be anything going on in there aside from sleeping right now, anyway 😦

*shakes head* if all this had gone down a few months ago – the nasty apartment stuff, the 2 year contract being rammed down his throat – I’d probably be moving out there right now. But the Girl is registered at $Elementary-School, she is excited about going back to school there, and I am not going to move her mid-school year.

Unless something drastically changes, I’m here until May of next year, at the very least.

** – not to mention is that this is NEVER covered by insurance. So they’re paying for it out of pocket.
*** – *eye roll* Yeah, I know. But it *DID* go through my head.
**** – – yes, the weekend that she is coming home early.


3 thoughts on “Good morning, oh Best Beloveds….

  1. Ish… Seems way too soon to have kiddos already. I know it could work out quite well, but I’d think they’d want to spend time with just the two of them for a while. Especially when they’re both just barely out of a divorce. Seems like a tough row to hoe. (mostly, I just wanted to say that last euphamism…)

    Sorry about the BF and money issues. I know it’s stressful as hell. It’ll all work out though. Gives you more time to establish good lines of communication with him to smooth out the transition to FL, or him to TX. Whichever happens. Take this time to talk about the important things, like whether the two of you will ever want kids together, or marriage (as a prospect), or a sechs swing with vibrant neon green straps all over it… That last one is especially important.

    1. I totally agree that they shouldn’t even be *discussing* chillens at this point. What they should be doing is spending time together, finding out about each other. Bringing a child into the mix at this juncture is IMNSHO a BAD idea!

      Meh. Things are getting stranger in town. Game on hiatus, for example. How in the heck did *that* happen!?
      He and I talk all the time, you know. About everything from the Yanks recent wins to child rearing to our feelings on politics (he’s *way* more politically minded than I).

      And if you know where to get said swing – minus neon green, plz (that shows stains SO badly)- I am most interested!

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