Morning update

I would like whatever is wrong in my guts to knock it the fuck off. Seriously. Can we have a stream of good days, without incident this month? The management would appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Good morning, oh Best Beloveds. I am in a pretty damn good mood this morning. Tomorrow my sweetheart visits. This makes me a very happy person. Like, it makes me squee in a range that only dogs can hear.

Got the Sprint thing worked out – so phone should be working. For those folken who are having problems with these idiots – perservere. There are good people there. They’re just buried under the layers of idiocy that is company policy. I eventually found someone to fix their fuckup, refund my money and turn my phone back on. *crosses fingers* Hopefully, that state of affairs – phone working, bill correct – will stay in effect.

Work for the rest of this week promises to be boring and yet non-stop. I hate scripting. Haaaaaaaate! It seems like its going to be the wave of the future here, though. So I guess I’d better learn to suck it up and deal.

5 thoughts on “Morning update

  1. Speaking of special outfits.

    I had a wonderful night last night. I’ve been working on tweeking my computer to get it back to just how I like everything, and Dagan gave me a game to try. SW Empire at War. So, I ended up spending pretty much the whole night on the computer zoned out in gaming world. About 11pm, Coleen comes to the door sounding all pissed off, and saying, “Excuse me sir, but I think it’s about damned time you went to bed.”. I’m shocked, so I look away from the computer and there she is in the door to the office wearing pleather lingerie….

    Last night ruled!

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