See the Turtle of ENORMOUS girth!

Sometimes my imagination and the RW collide in weird ways.

I have been re-reading the Tower series by el Steven King. I have reached the final book – in fact, stayed up way too late last night with the reader’s conundrum….”Just one more page, one more chapter. Then I’ll put it down!”


At 2, I finally wrested myself away from the damn book and got to sleep. *snurgle, snuggle, whuffle, wheeeeeeeeeeeze*

ALARM: Blat! Blat!
CAT: Blat! BLAT!
Me: *hides*

At any rate, got me and the Girlie up. Hygiened and dressed. Out the door. Down to car. And here is where the reality of this world and my admittedly overactive imagination smacked together. Behind my car a hopscotch grid was chalked, surrounded by stars, comets and caged planets. Let me tell you, that sucker stopped me cold for a second. I shook it off after a few and came into work. But what are the odds, man?*

* – probably pretty good, actually. But still. I thought about looking around for a sign that if there would likely read “Have you seen our cat? Her fur changes color every so often but she is a good cat. Goes by the name “mare”! Reward if found!”

23 thoughts on “See the Turtle of ENORMOUS girth!

      1. …on his back all vows are made,
        He sees the truth but mayn’t aid
        He loves the land and loves the sea,
        and even loves a child like me.

        The first one is Jakes, the second is Roland’s 🙂

        King has a thing with the whole turtle as keeper of the Universe thing. He writes about it in several of his books.

      2. Paraphrasing like mad

        One of my favorite parts is a conversation regarding that very thing:

        MW = mystic woman
        SM = science man

        MW – The Turtle holds up the universe!
        SM – Ah, but what holds up the Turtle?
        MW – You can’t fool me! Its turtles all the way down!

  1. Urf. Slugged through that series up until the last book, and had to put it down. I haven’t touched it in 6 months. Too much, too heavy, too blah. And far too homoerotic for my tastes anyway.

    1. I did the same thing. Read the entire series to the final book and then my brain said “Enough!”

      But I am finding that I really am liking it this go-round. I have a sense of “oh, fuckery” coming up, though.

      1. What I suspect is that he will kill all off the ka-tet, one by one, until its only Roland who comes to the Tower.

        If so, I will be *veddy* pissed.

    1. At the height of my teen years, I can remember putting a book down, finally finished at 4 AM. I went to bed because I needed sleep, damnit! Oh…but..I have this *other* book. Sitting right here…on my night stand.

      1. nods, my mom had to take my light-bulb out of my bedroom when I was 4 because I would stay up all night long reading – I haven’t read often at all in the past ten years; I need to remedy that. I’m mid-way through three different books at the moment.

        oh the need for private time.

      2. I hear you on the lack o’private time. I have squirreled myself away this week for just that reason. I have not gone out nor had anyone over all week (which is an oddity for me).
        On the one hand, its been nice – on the other, I miss seeing my peeps. Gotta be a fine line there, somewhere.

        I currently am reading*:

        The Kite Runner
        Writing Effective Use Cases
        24 Hours
        A Woman’s Book of Balance
        Luck in the Shadows
        Tales From Margaritaville
        The Well Fed Writer

        * – off the top of my head.

      3. Mine are all self help books, ironically about setting boundaries; time management; life potential – and I keep putting them aside.

    1. Re: Hopscotch!


      One two, buckle my shoe…
      Three four, heed the door…
      Five six, pick up sticks…
      Seven eight, let’s murderlate!…
      Nine ten, again and again!

      Almost anything can be corrupted – and children’s things (toys, rhymes, songs) even more so.

  2. Oh you

    are going to be so so very pissed, at what he does with the last two books. I honestly felt like hunting him down and kicking him in the ass. BUT, id you can find the comics, (detailing Roland’s love affair with Susan and all of that), they are a good read. Gunslinger born is the title I think.

    1. Re: Oh you

      Well, I have read Song before. I just picked up Tower again and am reading it. Before, I got about 1/8th in and was like “whoa, not ready for this yet”.
      So far this time, I am enjoying it. There are some elements that I am afraid are going to piss me off – I can sense the oncoming death of one of the ka-tet, for example. I’m thinking that King is going to kill them all off one by one, save Roland.
      And, yeah…that will upset me. Not piss me off – but I will miss those characters.

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