I gesture imperiously and snarl something about banks

The song I am listening to makes me a ridiculous amount of happy. I am grooving in my little corner of the lab while the below lyrics bellow out of my speakers.

This Shit Will Fuck You Up

I am a bitch
How do you want me?
From behind?
Or on my knees?

I am a slut
Please hold me down
I’ll be your noise
This shit will fuck you up

Tra la, inDEED!


Folks (plaintive note)…I know that I am supposed to be doing something tonight. What the hell is it?


I am now officially pissed.

I went to check my bank to make sure that last night’s deposit was indeed where it was supposed to be. However, my bank’s online stuff is broken. In a huge can’t check anything at all sort of way. Plus, when I called the CSR line to talk to a rep, I was told that the wait would be “considerable” by creepy robot guy. Finally, I was able to get to the available balance. If the number is correct — then my raise didn’t go through like I was told it would.


There will be updates to let you guys know exactly how I am going to re-enact the whole Vlad the Impaler thing, mmkay?


Thursday, Onward! Mush, Mush!

Thursday. Thank goodness that the week is winding down. Even with missing Monday, its been a long week. I slept well, if briefly last night. I think I finally actually fell asleep around 130 AM this morning. The alarm goes off at 615 and I smacked it into submission pretty quickly and slept for another forty five minutes. So yay for me. Extry sleep for the insomniac.

Bug bites are finally starting to heal up – jagwire states that his SO and I apparently have sugar blood. That must be the case. Because those fuckers really went to town on me. I counted – ready? – counted over 70+ bites on my legs.

Not much to say today. I am up to my eyeballs with meetings and scriptings here at work. It eats the brain, my precious. Eats it aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

Follow the link for the Today, I look like portion of today’s show

I was twimming in the ocean….

I’m a dorkfish.

Go-Go Gadget Life Sciences!

Make my day with cool science stuff and new orchid and butterfly species!


Bad news…Ft. Lauderdale job interview did not go well. I feel bad that I flubbed the interview so badly (and boy, did I flub it*) but at the same time, I am sorta kinda OK with that. There will be other jobs. And I do like where I am currently at.


Christ on a rocket, my legs ITCH.

I must remember that if we are out near the swamps that mosquitoes see me and shriek, “BUFFET!” My legs look like I have a severe case of the measles. At least I have a reason that I couldn’t sleep last night. Or rather, a reason that isn’t my brain chattering away like a meth-addled chipmunk.

Sleepless in Austin….again.

I tossed and turned all night long. Sometime around midnight, the AC stopped blowing cold air and so I tossed, turned and sweated into my mosquito bites. Benadryl was found and consumed. Still itched. Couldn’t sleep. Tossed, turned, sweated. Didn’t want to turn the AC down because that would affect others in the house who are sensitive to cold. Tossed. Fuck…got up, drank *more* Benadryl.
Finally drifted off around 130….only to awaken at 2AM with a screaming nightmare. I don’t know if I woke anyone else up but jeebus, I never want a dream like that again. I don’t recall much. Just the fear and the feeling of being slowly digested. I’m sure it was my mind dealing with the itch/pain in my legs. Holy shit, sometimes I think my brain hates me.



* – flub /fluhb/

verb , flubbed, flub·bing

–verb (used with or without object)
1. to perform poorly; blunder; bungle
He flubbed the last shot and lost the match.

2. a blunder. To botch; bungle. The act or an instance of botching or bungling
Their literature leans toward a comedy of small social flubs and withered chastity.

3. To confuse DNS and DHCP during an interview for a network testing gig.
I’m sure the interviewer rolled his eyes when I flubbed that up like that.