Today, I want….

> a job with benefits*
> the ‘kins in a NON-religious private school
> sex more often than 1nce a month**
> financial issues to resolve themselves faster
> when people say that they are going to do something, for them to DO it. And not leave it in the laps of other people. ***

I don’t think that these are unreasonable wants, really.

* – That job in FL would be lovely.
** – ok, yes. When BF does come into town, its hours and days of sex. However, as that roughly happens once a month, I am feeling a bit stressed. Le *SIGH*. There are centenarians who are having more sex than me.
*** – and not say, get an elective surgery instead of taking care of the debt that they agreed to take care of

One thought on “

  1. Well….Today I want…

    – More time to game.
    – A job I actually enjoy.
    – My debt to be resolved.
    – A cure for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
    – A new car with no “quirks”
    – Birth control for my wife that doesn’t kill her sex drive
    – Something shiny.

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