Insert Clever Title Here

Good morning, O Best Beloveds.

Coming into work early was pretty much a waste of my time today. There is NO network. No connectivity. The hardware and software that I test rely on network connectivity — telecommuncation industry. Can’t make a call if you got no way out. I won’t even be able to post this until the network is fixed.

I loathe being unproductive. (757AM)


Network’s back up! (924AM)


This morning’s SPAMspamSPAMspam(wonderfulSPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM)!

When I tried to give him oral sex, I practically choked. How do I do it without gagging? Please help!

Virgins always whizgiggled at me and even chaps did in the federal WC!
Well, now I laugh at them, because I took Me – ga – Di k
for 4 months and now my peter is greatly weightier than national.
take up
that what beliefs do is alter facts.
to Karl Popper. To win the masters approval would have been
Keynes, of scaling the same heights as an economic thinker as the
of my existence, he wrote in the introduction to his 1987 book, The
to Karl Popper. To win the masters approval would have been


Today, I am le tired. Woke up with a splitting headache around 3AM this morning. I stumbled into our bathroom but couldn’t find anything except the Girlie’s liquid Tylenol. Let me tell you something. Children’s “orange” flavored Tylenol is NEVER a good idea. *BLECH* I woke back up at 630AM with the same headache and tried to go back to sleep. No bueno. So, out of bed and into the day. Some Excedrine, cough meds, coffee and foods later my head still hurts but not as bad. I don’t know what is causing my brainmeats to ache this badly. *ponders, winces and gives it up as a bad job*

In theory, we’re supposed to go and watch Stardust tonight. I am leaving work to get the Girlie and head home to make dinners. We’ll scarf ’em down quickly and head to the 6-something show.
Ya’ll are most welcome to join us, if you so desire.

10 thoughts on “Insert Clever Title Here

  1. The only orange-flavored children’s medicine that tastes OK is children’s aspirin, which you’re not supposed to give to children these days. 😛

    Grape and bubblegum are better.

    Grape Benadryl isn’t as good as cherry Benadryl, at least on the chewable tabs.

    Have fun this evening. I’m going to be stuck here by myself with 3 kids, one of whom may be sick, cheers.

    1. *sad face* Poor kidlets, poor Mom. There’s something incredibly blue ’bout seeing your babe all lethargic and sick. It breaks my heart whenever the Girlie just lays on the sofa, listless.


    1. They have me on “Cheratussin AC” which is essentially some Robitussin, kicked up a notch and with codeine added.

      I am taking 1/2 doses so that I can work and not be in the corner of the lab going, “…blee, blee, blue…blerk!”

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