I gesture imperiously and snarl something about banks

The song I am listening to makes me a ridiculous amount of happy. I am grooving in my little corner of the lab while the below lyrics bellow out of my speakers.

This Shit Will Fuck You Up

I am a bitch
How do you want me?
From behind?
Or on my knees?

I am a slut
Please hold me down
I’ll be your noise
This shit will fuck you up

Tra la, inDEED!


Folks (plaintive note)…I know that I am supposed to be doing something tonight. What the hell is it?


I am now officially pissed.

I went to check my bank to make sure that last night’s deposit was indeed where it was supposed to be. However, my bank’s online stuff is broken. In a huge can’t check anything at all sort of way. Plus, when I called the CSR line to talk to a rep, I was told that the wait would be “considerable” by creepy robot guy. Finally, I was able to get to the available balance. If the number is correct — then my raise didn’t go through like I was told it would.


There will be updates to let you guys know exactly how I am going to re-enact the whole Vlad the Impaler thing, mmkay?


26 thoughts on “I gesture imperiously and snarl something about banks

      1. Yay for someone else that doesn’t like Fish!

        It seems like everyone on the planet likes fish but me. My friends are always saying things like “I know this GREAT fish place, you’ll love it – the food doesn’t taste fishy.”

        It’s not that it tastes fishy, its that it tastes… like fish. And I don’t like the way fish tastes.

        Very sexy in that photo, btw.

      2. Just not into fish, at all.
        I have friends who try to get me to eat sushi – saying “its not all fish”. Yeah, well it sits next to fish and absorbs that flavor. **BlecH*

        And thank you! I feel pretty today, I do.

      3. I can’t eat fish. Unless I really want to break out in a rash.

        I really miss lox, though. Just don’t talk to me about salmon, smoked or otherwise, and I’ll be happy. 🙂

  1. You feel prettyyyyyy, oh so prettyyyyyyy!

    Combichrist is one of the bands playing on next year’s goth cruise, and I’ve barely heard of them. Guess I should snag some of your muzak. :0

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