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  1. I am so sorry:( For lack of a better word, that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why employers think telling you how awesome you are takes the sting out of the insult. Sorry:/


  2. Actually thats not insult, thats economic loss.. and violation of an oral contract.

    Did the person who made the promise have the authority to do so? and did they make sure that they had room to weasel out? (“I’m sure we can get that for you” isnt the same as “Done” *handshake* unfortunately…)

    and if not.. well, you almost got lucky with that other job (much as we’d all be sorry to lose you to ‘fornparts’… certainly your present company deserves a slap in the face if you can find a secure way to do it…. like leaving for the next high paying job.

    damn them.. damn them ALOT… thats not even normal ‘business’ shitty thats just SHITTY HUMAN alert behavior… (not as pissed at you but really ticked off beside you.)

  3. This is where we all really, really wish you could just say “I want to assure you you’re a fan-fucking-tastic company, and I would continue working for you if you had the headcount. But you don’t, so I’m not. Thank you, and goodbye.”

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