Oh yeah, baby!

Yesterday sucked. Bigga time.
Yesterday, during the SQA meeting I was snubbed pretty hard by the Functional QA Mgr, while *my* boss sat by and said nothing.
Said snubbing was done not only in front of MY team but, in front of all of SQA. That’s three different offices worth. As the quality of my work has not deteriorated, I can only assume this is in direct response to me asking for a raise.

Oh, yeah. The raise. The one they were going to give me to stay here? The one I turned down a permanent job for? Yeah. Apparently, not coming through ever. I asked my boss about it. He said to talk to HIS boss. His boss being the one who snubbed me during the meeting yesterday, btw. Now, I *could* go to him and chat with him to find out the status of the raise. But honestly? That’s not my job. I talked to my direct supervisor. That is what I am supposed to do. I should not have to chase down the raise that I was already promised. That should have been on *last* week’s check.

*angry sigh*

At any rate — anyone in Austin, DFW or fuck, anyone in Florida, for that matter hiring? I am an SQA professional with almost 10 years of experience under my belt. I do manual testing, I do automated testing, I script, I sing, I dance. Plus, my taste in music rocks — so the software lab will always have tasty tunes blaring.


BTW….ask austingoddess for music. She made me a mix CD and handed it to me last night. I have been listening to it since I got in the car this morning and through its auspices have been immensely cheered me up. There have been snickers and head bopping at the same time. If your mix CD can make someone both crack up and swing their hips, then you have done *good*.

The good thing that happened was that Summerkins read for an hour last night. Unprompted. And when I asked about her book, excitedly told me the key plot points. As a.) getting her to read at all has been a problem and b.) her comprehension is spotty, at best – this qualifies as a Very Good Thing. It was a trifle garbled but understandable for all that.



12 thoughts on “Oh yeah, baby!

  1. How do you feel about Tampa?

    My company is hiring a SQA at our Tampa facility, and given that I’m pretty high in the company, I can give you a good recommend.

    Mira: Software QA Analyst II

      1. Re: icon for current Jay Oh Bee.

        If trust me, you can send me your resume (Bill.Kline AT Paymentech.com) and I can put it right in front of the people doing the hiring.

  2. This may get people throwing sharp pointy objects at me but…..

    Here is our Careers/Benefits page on our website.

    Terremark Careers

    And since I don’t think that you are interested in Virginia or California – here are the Texas and Florida positions:
    Dallas, TX positions.

    And since our corporate HQ is in Miami, all of the Florida positions are based out of there.

    Let me know if any of these get your interest and I would be glad to submit as an internal recomendation.

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