Thank you all so much for your kind words, anger on my behalf and for the job leads. Be sure that I am going to follow up on all that I am qualified for.

I talked to my immediate boss and he seems to be just as furious/upset as I am. Well, maybe not as much as I am. But, his confusion does seem to be genuine. He says that he is still trying to find a way for me to get my raise/go perm/move to another department/whatever it takes to make me happy. I hope he can. There is at least one opening here that I would be intersted in. Totally different department/boss. If I understand him correctly, it would be a perm job. *shrug* Not going to stop me from updating my resume and sending it out all sparkly and clean to prospective employers.

Ya’ll wanna hire me? 😀


Last night at Poly Dinner was a ton of fun! I met a lot of interesting new people -and – it helped my state of mind to get out and about. The Girl had a great time as well.

Oh, I wish I could take a picture of my pretty, pretty skirt today. It are lovelykins.


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  1. I’ve been seeing a trend on my f-list of these things happening without the direct manager/supervisor having any idea. At Large Corporation, everything that happens requires just the manager, with approval from the director. One can’t do anything without the other, and no one can butt in from above. It makes me want to stay in my job longer.
    I believe Large Corporation has offices near you, but you wouldn’t want to do the jobs. All the stuff you do is here in Ohio, or so I’ve heard. 😦

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