had any good chucks, lately?

Yesterday was probably the saddest I’ve been since the whole BF-stuck-in-another-state thing started. Combined with the Debacle of the Raise (mine own company), it just crushed the life out of me. Everything was gray, sad, nothing right, etc.

I am not nearly as sad as I was yesterday and then last night. I feel the echoes of that grief in my body this morning, though. After a night of weeping and then a long sleep, today looks better. I’m not precisely happy, mind. Just sort of hollowed out.

More coffee would definitely help, though.



PS….I has new icons. Go look. Some are pretty chuckalicious.

4 thoughts on “had any good chucks, lately?

  1. Chuck is confused. Those are BTILC icons, which granted, Chuck loves. But they are not icons of Chuck or anyone named Chuck. Are they great for this Chuck or great for some other Chuck somewhere else?

    1. Only the name, dear Chuck. I was referencing “chuck” as:

      A. short for “chuckles”
      B. riffing on Senor King, who used it in his book IT, which I had recently read.

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