Dear fucktards who busted in my side window last night,

Did you enjoy the bottle of Excedrin and the mascara? What about the pressed powder? Because that is all you got. You left anything else of value in the car. So basically, you’ve caused me about Xxx My Deductible xxX$ worth of glass damage so that you could have about fifteen dollars worth of makeup.
I hope that your balls swell up and pop like bad tires on a hot day in the desert, you worthless sacks of scum.

DiaF and absolutely no love whatsoever,


7 thoughts on “

  1. I hate that shit! That happened to me once, too. I think they got about 75 cents in pennies, a Swiss Army knife that didn’t open, but had a broken blade if you did get it open, and the soundtrack to Grease!. The assholes kindly went through and folded my laundry in the back, and organized some of the stuff I let slip to the floor.

  2. Ah, so THAT’s how your week can suck even more.

    I’m really sorry to hear that. I probably shouldn’t go pointing out that something starting with M and R starts tomorrow. 8^(

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