You gotta remember, these are simple people. Salt of the earth



The house that D and I were supposed to move into — the one that had been described as “having some furniture in it”? Yeah. It is FULL of furniture. Also, clothes, makeup, food that has been left over the summer in a non-ac’d house….In other words, when they moved out, they only took what they could take in suitcases. EVERYthing else is still there. Including the two cars sitting in the driveway.

And he wondered why the house wasn’t selling.

*eye roll*

So, now I am put in the untenable position of having to find somewhere to live (that we can afford!) today. Because I am flying out to FL tomorrow. And I am working today. Somehow, must find a place to put his things, and us.



9 thoughts on “You gotta remember, these are simple people. Salt of the earth

  1. *hug*

    (though you’ll be getting more and sweeter where youre going an extra seemed appropriate)

    rent a storage unit for stuff and suffer the hospitality of friends for a few days rather than stampede into something less than ideal?

    theres also those ‘by the week’ rental places that are generally steep-ish… but still cheaper than locking into a year lease on the wrong place for too much because “ya GOTTA” right now….

    1. Re: *hug*

      Thanks, doll.

      That is one plan. We looked into extended stay hotels as well. Jesus baldheaded jumping Christ, but they are expensive. They are on the “well, if we gotta” list.

      *whaps head into desk*

      1. Re: *hug*

        (Sorry for butting in, surfed over from cuddlycthulhu)

        A lot of extended stay hotels will negotiate their rate down if you forgo things like having your room cleaned every day, and based on the length of stay. Just call and ask.

        And with that, the stranger vanishes…

      2. Re: *hug*

        hi there – no worries, I surf around as well.

        That’s a good idea. I will call and talk with the two or three that are on my list as candidates. It would be for a month, at most — but right now, that looks to cost right at 1300-1900$, depending on when/what.

  2. Open a flea market. Clear out the house. Enjoy the profits.

    That’s more or less what we had to do with my grandparents’ house, in order to sell off all of their stuff. We ended up calling an auction house that cleared everything out in exchange for 25% of the profits.

    1. Eh, he’s a friend and he really does want to keep his stuff.

      In talking to him, found out that :
      A> his wife is a NUTjob. She told him that she had stored everything non-essential/furniturey. Not so much.

      B> his realtors – the ones who were supposed to be selling the house – further told him that they had sent a cleaning crew to make sure that the house was not so dusty, smelled good, etc. you know, all the little tricks that realtors do to help ensure that your house sells? yeah, they lied as well.

      *shakes head*

      Fortunately, we were able to find an apartment on really, really short notice (I have bloggled about it).

      1. Ah, well, yes… that would make my idea an act of revenge, wouldn’t it! Yes, don’t sell your friend’s stuff.

        It’s so strange that the realtors would skim over that- I’ve always known realtors to tell you to remove all furniture and get the H out!

        The new apartment looks pretty swank! Congratulations!

  3. If there were no cats involved from your end and we weren’t in BFE, I’d offer you crash space, we have room for 3 behind closed doors. But the cats would be a major problem for us, and the location would probably be a major problem for you. (It takes 40 minutes to get from my house to 620 & 2222 on a Sunday afternoon, we are so far east.)

    1. Aww! *hug* That was terrible sweet of you to offer. Are ya’ll allergic to kittehs?

      ’tis ok, though. We have found a place to live (see most recent blog)that we really like.

      Pending the allergy question, you’n’s are most def on the housewarming list o’doom (+1, against sobriety).

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