If I only had a brain!

Good morning O Best Beloveds…

There is good news in the Land of Oz! A lovely apartment has been found along the Yellow Brick Road – I will post piccies from the locator service* here in a bit – that meets our needs. The biggest need of all being of course, that we will be able to move into it fairly rapidly. The fact that its** a beautiul place, in a great setting are total bonuses.

So we are set to get the truck on Friday of next week (26th) and pack, pack, pack. Then we will leave Saturday morning and drive until we collapse in a hotel. Probably somewhere in the Mobile, AL area but who knows? We may be able to go further. More driving on Sunday until we finally reach Austin-town. And then collapse into a small, whimpering heap. We would totally sleep in the apartment that first night but our lease doesn’t not start until Monday. It would start Sunday but the office isn’t open on Sundays. Ah, well.

So, Monday morning we will go in and sign our lease and start the move in process. Or at least, D will. I have to work that day – so I will be leaving him to it. Any of your guys who wants to volunteer to help him out, are more than welcome to do so! Pizza, beer (and/or the tasty beverage of your choice) are available to all who help him get things into the apartment.




* – You know, I usually make my footnotes small but for today, I want to plug the apartment locating service that I worked with this past week. Capitol City Locating and its owner/agent (Kevin Hover) worked their ASS off finding me what I wanted in the tiny amount of time that I gave them. They went out of their way to make sure that the things that I specified as absolutes were met, never once tried to up-sell me, and through a ruthless combination of charm and single-mindedness, got me the concessions that I wanted on my lease. They totally rocked and I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an apartment in the Austin area. Go, Kevin!


** – The apartment management has also been teh Uber Awesome in the fact that we finished a good deal of the paperwork online and across state lines. They called and checked and asked questions – and again, never once tried to push me into something that I didn’t want. I am tres impressed. Hopefully, they will continue to be as cool as we live there.

11 thoughts on “If I only had a brain!

    1. Thank you! *beams at you*

      I am feeling particularly blessed, today. Of course, that may well be the three cups of Ultra-caffeinated coffee that I’ve had. Or it could be that I am pretty deliously happy. Either way, I appreciate the congrats! *hug*

      1. Caffeine is just a small part of the equation 🙂

        I just saw this at the locator’s website….looks like he’s got some nice places on his roster.

        Kitty looks like my late great Khyani.

  1. Ohh nice place! Unfortunately I will be at work on move-in-day otherwise I’d be happy to come help. Perhaps that evening if any help is still needed? Lemme know!

    1. Idn’t it purty?!

      Tis OK – I will be at work, too. 😀 Seriously, though – I will call D and ask him if he still requires help once I get off work. I am getting the Girlie from school that day as well. One of the cool things about the place is that it is closer to her school than Tam’s was.

      General invite – anyone (and most especially beautiful, lush red-headed wimmen) who want to wander by and give it a blessing are most welcome to do so.

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