D was teasing me last night for my xMas shopping list. I am pretty sure that everyone with a large group of people on their gift list – esp. if said group includes their new SO’s family – makes lists. Just because *my* list is in Excel format, with columnar annotations of “Card”, “Cookie/Candy”, “Prezzie”, “Gag Gift”; and a second page of linked names from the “Prezzie” column (with web links to the page of gift in mind, in some cases)…well, that’s no excuse to tease.

Just sayin’.


Icon Meme-age!

I’m bored. I’m running stupid scripts and I am bored. So! Meme time (*hums MC Hammer to herself…)
*realizes what she is doing and Stops.That.Shit.Right NOW*


If you want to, comment here with your favorite icons, tell me why it’s your favorite, and what it means to you. And if you have one, put an icon that’s free for the taking up in comments, with credits. The wittier, the better. I will start with a few of mine. ’cause I can.

teh icons! they are this way!

I feel crummy. My head hurts. My ear aches like its full of crushed glass. My nose is spewing dribbly, watery crap and my eyes itch. I feel so rotten that I didn’t even pack the Girliekin’slunch. I just gave her some dollars so she could buy food in the cafeteria. So, believe me when I say that today is not a good day. Having to contend with some of Austin’s finest drivers this morning did NOT improve my mood, either.

At any rate — survived the T-day holiday. Intro’d D to my family. They seemed to really like him. Dad at one point even told me to “not let him get away!”, which tickled me. I swear, the older he gets, the more of a shadchen he gets to be. It was actually fun – a little staid, which after all these exciting years, I will take – but fun. The feast was incredibly huge – turkey, ham, potatoes dauphin, corn casserole, squash casserole, 7 different kinds of pie, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, bread, and homemade cranberry jelly.

For the winter holiday, we are planning on going to upper state NY to meet his parents. I believe that I will now commence to worrying about that.

*blerg* Brain fried from cold meds & crappy sleep. However, must return to work stuff. Did I miss anything this past week or so?