*snorts back snot & gurgles pathetically*

Dear Allergy/Cold Gods,


No Love,


I am so freaking glad that its Friday. All I want to do is lay down and sleep this weekend. But I have to:

finish moving my stuffs out of Tam’s house
put them away (somewhere!) in mine
finish unpacking, etc. at the new place
do the laundry (w/d arrived yesterday,YAY!)
help the Girl with her genealogy project
Craigslist my double bed & hopefully get it sold

Think I’ll make spaghetti tonight. With a ton of garlic.


One thought on “*snorts back snot & gurgles pathetically*

  1. Spaghetti with tons of garlic solves ALL problems!!! Add homemade garlic toast and you have just saved the universe from eeeeeeviiiill!


    My sinus’ are kicking my ass today, so I feel for ya! Get to feeling better soon.

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