already missing her

Divorced + children + holidays + scheduling = head-whapping, teeth pulling frustration.

This is his year for her at Christmas. This will be my first year that she won’t be there. 😦

May I just say that this sucks gangrenous donkey scrotes?

kiss her for me
i may be too late

11 thoughts on “already missing her

  1. I can sypathize with that. I sort of fixed the issue as best I could by stipulating that I would always have my smallest for Thanksgiving and Yuke, he could always have Christmas as I didn’t celebrate it … It helped keeping holiday confusion down and let me maek sure that the holidays that were about “family” were ones she would spend at home with her sibs and me. He can have all the “present” holidays …

    1. Good idea. *hug* I am going to do everything possible to celebrate with her before she leaves for her Dad’s. And we will have “Santa” time when she gets back home.

  2. With Jacob, Coleen always splits the hollidays with her ex so that they can both see him. Maybe you and John can work something like that out. You’re both in the same town after all.

    1. With family in various parts of the state/country.
      It’ll work out. I am just sad that my Girl isn’t going to crash land on me at 7 AM Christmas morning shrieking that Santa had been there. Her Santa years are drawing to a close and I hate to miss *any* of them, you know?

  3. aww, hugs

    when i first was divorced, my boys were still all in HS, very hard indeed, but we lived in the same town and it seemed to work, amoungst all the confusion and traipsing about,,,but when i moved up to austin, things became difficult and unbearingly hard,,,,last year was the first ever christmas morn i didnt have my boys with me in in 22 yrs,,,,i cried and it just wasnt the same,,,,this year their dad has them Thanksgiving and i have them Christmas morn, with him picking them up Christmas day and having them until New Years,,,yes my dear, makes life so hard to handle,,,,if its this hard on us, what must it be like for our kids? i dont even like to think on the boys feelings there,,,even tho i do try to talk to the 17 and 12 yo now about it,,,,just remind them how much i love them and miss them ALL the time,not just on the holidays, hell, even weekends when the boy is at his dads are hard on me,,,well sometimes, its was very very hard, still is, with the 17 yo, he opted to live with his dad 2 years ago, said austin was too weird!!! chuckles,but then again he is a cowboy, redneck bubba type like his dad, grins,,,
    anyhow, know many are in the same boat and feel the same way, and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers,,,

    hugs, jadey

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