There’s apparently a business in Austin called “Megladon”. It sits right next to “SabreRex” and “I-Rex”. I have absolutely no idea what they do or make. My pre-coffee brain insists that it has to be giant, mechanized dinosaurs and such, though. I’m OK with that. It means that at least 1/2 of my $winterholiday shopping is done! And, really — who *wouldn’t* want a full-sized mechanized sabre-tooth tiger?*

New Gnus from the land of the idiots:

The Girl had a giant “cultural” project to do. It was supposed to be a glimpse into her ancestry – their homeland, their customs, some of their history — whatever Kiddo wanted to cover. She had two weeks to get it done. The first week was at my house — I gave her some information and I chatted with exJ (her Dad) about. I remember stressing that it was due on the 9th.** Flash forward to Monday morning, the 12th. I am at work.*** I get an email from the Girl’s teacher stating that her project was not turned in and could it possibly get turned in on Tuesday?

*whaps head into desk, repeatedly*

Oh, but wait! It gets better! Figuring that she had simply forgotten it at home, I called exJ and asked him to deliver the thing on Monday evening.****
He drops it off and leaves. Its a basic kid-project. Tri-fold piece of posterboard and a worksheet with some questions regarding her ancestry. I glance over the worksheet and have to choke back horrified laughter. Its pretty obvious that whatever else happened last week, homework help wasn’t part of it. Seriously. The worksheet said something about her ancestors coming from “Afrika” and that they spoke “afrikan and inglish”. Plus, that her ancestors didn’t like grapes. And that was all.

I’ll let that sink in.

Now, while its true that there is evidence that alot of folks’ WAY-back ancestors come from Africa (Lucy, et al), I am pretty sure that the teacher meant for her to cover her more recent ancestry. Not people who are about 200 generations out.

When I asked the Girl about what all had Dad done to help her with the project she said, “…oh, he couldn’t help me. He was in his bedroom.” ~

*beats head into wall, now* What in the friggedy fuck was he *thinking*?! Does it even occur to him that this is her LIFE and education that he is screwing with? Kids her age – the elementary school set – don’t have much social life – most of their time and energy is taken up with school at this age. Later – in Jr. High and High School – she will have outside interests and obligations. But for now? This is pretty much it. This is when her study habits will be initially formed. This is where she will learn to enjoy school, enjoy learning.

I am….I am at a loss. I want to talk to him and be reasonable. I also want to snatch custody away so that he cannot further harm her. At least during the school year. I am not perfect – we run late, forget stuff, etc. But, good grief. I don’t generate emails or phone calls from her teacher like he does.

* – The critter. Not the Marvel villain.
** – You see where this is going don’t you?
*** – Our swap schedule has us picking up le Child on Monday evenings from the YMCA (her afterschool program).
**** – He started to ask me to drive out to him and pick it up. *raises eyebrows in a complete and utter “OMG, are you fucking kidding me?!” expression*
~ – where his computer is.

8 thoughts on “….Fighting.Urge.To.Kill….

  1. That is completely and utterly aggrivating. I can totally sympathize as both ex’s do similar stunts with my son and my youngest.

    When put on the spot I have been told by Cricket’s Dad that he is going to do what HE wants with his time** with her and that I nor any school / dojo/ teacher has any say in that.

    Jon’s sperm donor will nod his head and make excuses and promise that he is going to crack down and do what he should then as soon as Jon is with him will completely defaults into a 13 year old idiot who doesn’t believe that education or stability are anything he should have to worry about. Hence he and Jon eat mac and cheese, play video games, and run around with the stripper of the week. Did I mention his father ( at age 37 ) still has no place to live and has no job?

    so yes, complete sympathy and understanding. It sucks being the only one who is doing the right thing and in doing so is often the boring/strict/un-cool parent.

    1. ** What HE wants is apparently to stick her infront of a tv while he plays online rollplaying games , to make her eat dinner alone while he goes off to his bedroom or to watch tv, and or leaving her with his sister for days on end.

      1. *nod* I hear you. exJ is a good guy. He just has NO clue how to be a parent. And is apparently unwilling or unable to step up to the plate and learn.

        He thinks he’s doing “fine” by her.

      1. They specialize in “business solutions”. Logistics, etc. I’m not about to bite the hand that feeds, but it’s not terribly scintillating stuff.

        How’s about we just pretend it’s all a front for a cool Manga robot factory, staffed by cute Japanese girls.

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