you know its going to be one those days…

I sneezed so hard this morning, I gave myself a headache. Fucking whee.
Three cups of joe & a couple of Excedrin later, and I am more or less human again.

Did I mention that I was supposed to take the entirety of next week off? Yup. The corporate offices, in their *infinite* wisdom said from on high, “Shut down the office. Force the full timers to take PTO and holiday days. Fuck the contractors. Too bad if they don’t work, they don’t get paid. We’ve got holiday/headcount/whatever the fuck to make look better on the books. Go us, we so clever.” I didn’t bitch much about it because Hey! At least I gots a job!
Still, as a contractor – and esp. as a contractor who just took a week off in October to move my BF up from FL, with all the new bills/down payments that come with moving into a new apartment – it was going to hurt. I decided to just roll with it and scheduled a giant visit to my Mom’s in DFW (a threeeeee hour trip! a threeee hour trip!) for T-day plus a journey to TRF over the weekend (arriving Saturday, camping out there, and then driving home Sunday). Then game and another dinner thingie on Sunday evening.

But, I just heard from the manager of the other software group in my lab. They need to get their testing done by the end of next week. But, they cannot have the full time employees coming into the office. It will fuck up their books. You see this coming, don’t you?
They asked for “volunteers” to come in and help.

I am gonna go in on Monday & Tuesday. The money will help offset the week that we are going to have to take off for Christmas week.

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