I’m home! Home home home home home!!! Didja miss me? Huh, huh, didja? (laughs)

So, I am back from the frozen north.

I was up near Ticonderoga.

Although I am assured that it was not nearly as cold as it usually gets there – the temps stayed in the low 30’s the entire time. Apparently, its usually a LOT colder; with temps in the twenties and teens being the more common.

At any rate, we had a great time, great holiday. I met D’s folks, his siblings and family friends. I *think* that I was universally rubber-stamped with the “Good Egg” Time will tell.

There was some drama involving the ‘kins this weekend. I don’t want to get into it now – I am just now drinking coffee and waking up. Suffice to say that I am up to *here* ::gestures near eyelashes:: with J’s screwups. I’ll post about it when it doesn’t make my eyeballs feel like they are melting.

In other news, there will be dancing this Saturday night at Elysium. There will be a shindig at my place NYE for those what want a kid-friendly sort of thang. There will be a Hand n Foot party New Years Day, with black eyed peas and fondue** and liquor. Because no one should ring in the new year feeling schloopy and down.

** — on that note, I need fondue pots. I ::THINK:: that I have one somewhere but I surely will need more.