Helpful Hint #78

If you are traveling up the rain washed hill on the two lane highway…stay out of the left lane if you are going to suddenly drop speed halfway up. ’cause it scares me when I have to either slam on my brakes or swerve around you on slicky streets.


Holiday shopping is mostly done, thank gods and little fishes. I could say that I chose to do most of my shopping online in light of the recent mall-slayings. But that would be a lie. Mostly, I just despise the mall with a passion; people, for the most part, suck. Large groups of them make me nervous, unless we all happen to be drinking together.

All I have left to do is make the cookies and candy for everyone. Since you bitches didn’t vote – *I* am going to choose what to make. 😛
Eat it! Eat the fucking cookie!*

* – obscure reference to a friend and Thin Mints. Only austingoddess will likely get that one.

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