The Girlie is sick. Headache, fever. 😦 Send happy get well thoughts to her, plz.


I have alot of friends in the regions of the country – hell, the continent – where it is cold, wintry, miserable. Friends and family in Chicago, in Vancouver, Seattle, Connecticut, New York. I hear them complaining of the cold and the weather all the time. And while I can intellectualize why they might feel that way, I don’t actually get it. I have never lived (for any length of time) in a place where it truly gets cold for the winter. Where it gets cold earlier in the year, too.
Here in Austin, TX it begins to get chilly* starting around November. Not that it does really ever gets cold until February.
I am not saying that it never gets miserable here. It does. But, I sometimes wish that I could live in a place where the winter was winter. Where it almost becomes a test of will to go out just to get basic things like walking the dog or the grocery shopping done.
Of course, I will never really be able to live in a place like that. I am not a cold person. Cold bites into my hands, my hips with jagged teeth. But, its nice to dream about making snowmen. Or drinking coffee and watching big, fat flakes of snow spiral out of the gray sky.

* – by chilly, I mean it gets under 60.

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    1. True. Veddy, veddy true. Its currently 27 degrees there, right now. Its supposed to have a high of 32 with snow when I arrive. Whee!

      I plan on taking a metric tonne (English tonnes are more weighty than American tons, so says I) of Advil/Tylenol for the aches.

      Um…Yesh, please. Kittehs are in need of luv whilst we are gone. I shall give you a key.

      Birthday…there is currently no plan. Dodger is working until 11 something that night. I have the Girlie. I was considering something small/intimate. Maybe Denny’s?
      Mr. Man is supposed to take me to one of the Japanese steak houses when we get back. We will see how that works out.

      1. *jibblies*
        Um, it’s your birthday, but if I have a vote, I call a huge ginormous pox-ridden ix-nay on Denny’s. Ain’t nothing intimate about Denny’s no how.
        Bright ideas forthcoming…

      2. *snerk* Yeah, I was being sarcastic re:Denny’s.

        Awaits bright idears. *wait wait wait wait*

        PS… 27 degrees AND snow!

        Do you have a coat I can borrow? 🙂 I have jackets but no actual coat-age.

      3. A booth at Chili’s would be more intimate, and the food doesn’t cost that much more there.

        If you need the call-ahead number for the Chili’s at Lakeline, Round Rock by Louis Henna, Round Rock by the outlet mall, Hutto, I-35 between Parmer and Howard, I-35 just a little north of 290 or 45th & Lamar, let me know, I have them all in my PDA.

        (Their broccoli is Teh Crack. Seriously, insofar as broccoli can be crack.)

      4. I have the world’s strangest child. She *loves* broccoli. *Hates* potatoes.

        But then again, I LOVES me some broccoli.

        she’s chopping broccoliiiiiiiiiiiii
        she’s chopping broccoliiiiiiiiiiiie!
        she’s choppin’, she’s choppin’

        Yeah, I know. 🙂 But, they say that I am “mostly harmless”.

      5. I’ve got your old denim lined coat you gave me…that’s the warmest thing I own. I can also ask CS, who is likely to have a coat collection good for winter weather.

        *puts on thankin’ cap* Dave & Buster’s? That place right around the corner from it where we went last year? Chuy’s? Korea House? They have fire pits right at the table you could warm your hands with. 🙂

  1. I’m actually more productive in the cold and snow. Hot weather just shuts me down. Apparently I’m an oddity, though, even in Ohio. I like walking through snow, though, and I don’t mind bundling up for the sharp winds. It doesn’t necessarily make all my old mis-healed injuries feel fantastic, but the humidity of summer is more insufferable!

    1. I’ve a friend from Ohio who is exactly the same way. He pines for the cold and snow, while freely admitting that it could be miserable.
      And hot, muggy weather just collapses him into a skinny pile of goth.

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