FINALLY got to chat with my Tam last night, albeit briefly. However, it was in person so *that’s* alright, then.

I think I am supposed to go to a birthday thing tonight. Opal Divine’s?

And then, I am going to find a grove of cedar and burn them to the fucking ground. It may not do much to actually alleviate my allergies. But it sure will make me feel better in a violent/mosh pit sort of way.

Die! Die you fucking cedars! Burn, baby! Burn!




PS…note to self….

>>Call Yoga Yoga and check on their schedule/class/availability/cost for the beginner series at NW location.
>>Call Austin Kung Fu Academy and ask about the same for their Children’s Thur/Sat classes.

In which we are plotting for the week/end

First and foremost, thanks to everyone yesterday for the well-wishes/advice/tips. I appreciate them all.
Second, the weekend plans looks summat like dis:

>WED — going to either Hideout or Warehouse. I’ve never been to the latter so if I am to go, I would need a guide and directions. There is also the dimmest of possibilities that I could go to Elysium as its free & retro-goth night. Which is always good.
THURS — staying in/house cleaning (whoo-hoo, just a crazy party lady I am!)
>FRI — staying in/maybe getting some friends over for cards & cocktails
>SAT — was going to go to Carnivale but the tickets are $35 *each*, with the festivities ending at/around 1:30 AM. Plus, parking is atrocious around the Event Center. I will most likely be going to Elysium as that seems to be the consensus amongst the friend types.
However, I had also thought about heading into DFW and hitting the Church but a.) haven’t been there in a long while and b.) ….something. I guess it IS still under consideration. Anyone up for a road trip back to my old stomping grounds?


Mare: hey, guess what?
Tam: what?
Mare: my sinuses squeak when i suck through my nose
Mare: I’d say “breathe” but that would be a misnomer.
Tam: oo!
Mare: *squeaker squeak squeaken*


Home grown meme

A question popped into my head this morning. What are your LJ filters? Are they public/friends by invite/private? What is your readership there? I know that some of you guys have only 2 filters that you use – Public and Friends Only. Sooo…is that a choice or just not wanting to mess with it?

For me:

FRIENDS — public
STORIES — invite ; Works in progress, notes, plot brainstorm, character descriptions, etc for stories that I am writing.
BOOKS TO READ — private (personal list of books i want to read, as seen here on el-jay)
101 in 1001 — this is mostly to do the challenge
HEALTH — invite ; where I am tracking my workouts/eating/thoughts on this sort of stuff.

What are YOURS?

Inquiring minds want to know.