2008 – The Year of the Mare

Hmmm….banner year. Lots of new resolutions for 2008.

Usually, I don’t actually set resolutions. This is because I am so afraid of failure, of letting myself down, that I just give up before I even make the attempt. I mean, why set yourself up for failure, right? There is no reason to start something that you are going to suck at. This is what has kept me out of college, in bad relationships, in bad eating patterns, in constant fear of reprisals from people that I don’t even know.

I can’t run – my boobs are too big and I will look ridiculous.
I can’t go to college. I am not smart enough. Or, people will laugh at me for starting college in my late thirties. Or, I have too much other stuff going on.
Oh, that cooking/singing/acting/jewelry class looks fun. But, I don’t have the money for it right now.
I would love to travel but, I don’t have a passport. Well, I will get it when I have the time.
I should write that novel, essay, story. I should try and get published. Well, as much as people seem to like my work, its just my friends and loved ones. They don’t represent the “real” world.

Meanwhile, daysweeksmonthsYEARS are flying by and I am not doing any of the things that I have promised myself I will get to at some unspecified time.

Soooo… ::deep breath:: Going to post my resolutions for the year. And, going to try to track them by writing about them.

2008 – Resolutions

1. Exercise every day – pick a program and stick to it.

2. Do something fun with the Girlie – out of the house – every week.

3. Eat sane — cut back on sugar, no more skipped meals and then a handful of candy because my blood sugar has plummeted to the point of shakes and foaming at the mouth.

4. Drink some damn water. Even if I have to add Crystal Lite, add at least 32 oz to daily intake

5. Let’s be creative this year – do one crafty thing each week.

6. Organize the kitchen – no more scrabbling about, looking for stuff.

7. Get away from the computer – there is more to life than the interwebs.

8. Take a yoga class, a belly dance class, go to NIA…something. Every week.

9. Add some class to our lives – wine with dinner, using good china, museum visits, etc.

10. Start taking some classes at ACC. Don’t have to decide what I want to do with my life, yet. Just get started on the journey.

11. Stop letting anger, resentment, fear and regret rule my life.

12. Allow my fashion sense to shine. I am not letting my fear of what others might say dictate how I dress, look or wear anymore. MY life, MY clothes. (I am tempted to add “nyah” to that last statement, though.)

13. Become more fiscally responsible. Yes, its shiny. If I cannot afford it, I won’t buy it. Even if it IS super, maxy amazingly cool. It will still be cool in the week or so that it will take for me to make the dough to cover its expense. Promise.

Obviously, I will be able to do several of these in conjunction with one another. “Something fun with the Girlie out of the house” and “Take a yoga class” or “go to the museum once in a while, you cretin” could be combined pretty easily. Ultimately, I think this is going to be about the path more than an end result. Either way, for the first time in a long while, I am excited about the future and my place in it.

15 thoughts on “2008 – The Year of the Mare

  1. If it makes you feel any better, there were several people at my college who were in their forties and beyond. And I was probably the dumbest person at my college, but I managed to graduate.

    1. Thanks, 🙂

      I know that I am intelligent. And, I know that if I set my mind to it, I will be able to do the things that I want. I will make time, I will figure it out. IF I can just get over that “everyone is looking/laughing” fear.

  2. LazyResolutionHelper:

    14: Consume epic quantities of Tabasco sauce. Creatively. Like only consuming sugar when combined with epic quantities of Tabasco. Plus it raises basal metabolic rate and burns calories!

    1. Re: LazyResolutionHelper:

      I already eat epic quantities of Tabasco. Also, cayenne pepper, habanero salsa and various assorted rip-yer-lips-off spices. I like my foods with kick.

      Speaking of sugar + kick, I just made my Hot Lips Cake. Basic yellow cake with peanut butter, cayenne and frosted in chocolate.

  3. Once Upon A Time…

    I recall trying to get you and Summer to join me at a thing called Bodychoir.. (I guess that would be three of you now)

    we should do that.. I dont go nearly as often as I should and its a great family fun workout dance stretch thingy.

    Sunday mornings are good for family there especially.

    Shall we?

  4. Since you have 12 things, here’s a good idea to keep you motivated: Start one each month, and add one more each successive month. So maybe start with exercise in January, then add outings with Girlie in February and so on.

    Breaking them down will make them more easily attainable, and you’ll get a boost of confidence with the success of each. 🙂

    Whereas if you try to do all of it at once, you are more likely to become more frustrated and give up. Yesno?

  5. First off… Kudos to you for actually bothering to set goals. I haven’t, except for goals Coleen and I came up with as a couple, which had nothing to do with the new year.

    Secondly. I’m sure if you ask your man, he’ll agree with me. A woman with big um…stuff…running is NEVER bad. NEVER. EVER! I could sit and watch Coleen running in place for HOURS. H O U R S !!!!!!!!!!!

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