::laughs:: We can go from 0 to geek in nothing flat.

Mare: how was your New Year’s? (ps, :Happy New Year: !!!)
Friend: pretty good, hung out with Dagan for his B-day
Friend: and yesterdays phones were dead witch was good
Mare: Nice. I wished him a happy birthday. Hopefully, I can bring him his bday brownies this Sunday
Friend: oh i got ordained as a minister yesterday
Mare: . . .
Mare: not something you hear everyday.
Friend: true
Mare: hoooooooooooooow did you do that?
Mare: and in what religion?
Friend: applied through the universal life church for the denomination of “The Force”
Mare: sweet.
Friend: I’m now Lord Covale, ordained minister of the Sith
Mare: *laugh* I am impressed your Dark Lordly-ship.
Friend: i will be having my first service in February
Mare: *bow* salaam*
Friend: thank you my apprentice LOL
Mare: If I attend, do I get lessons in chuckling evilly, swooping through corridors with capes a-flutter and posing menacingly?
Friend: but of course
Friend: along with aggressive saber combat
Mare: I am SO there!

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  1. The ULC is super cool. Its a legal ordination which means your friend can legally, in the state of Texas, perform weddings. My wedding to my ex was performed by a very good friend of mine, (she and her husband were both ordained but she did the wedding) and my ex married my mom and her husband. Cracks me up!

    1. Yeah. And, I am going to tell Dagan this weekend about it. Hell, I might even bring a cape to prove that I am now a member of Lord Covale’s parish.


      Aaaaaaaand, brownies. (as part of the whole “get junk food out of the house” thing, I am going to spend a good portion of Saturday baking the brownies, etc to bring to game on Sunday.

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