Learning to Breathe

This week’s Goals….

>>> Breathe
>>> Throw out all the junk food in the house
>>> Make a menu for next week
>>> Buy groceries for said menu
>>> On Sunday (Jan 20), do all the pre-cooking that needs to be accomplished
>>> Retrieve the keys for the complex gym
>>> Put together a week-long workout plan
>>> Schedule the workouts realistically

So, one of the first goals listed is “breathe”. Not as easy as it sounds.
Here’s the deal: I am a worrier. I worry constantly about lots of stuff – most of which is out of my control. Unfortunately, when I worry – I tend to eat. I nibble-nibble-nibble on the snacky foods that my office (Oh-so-thoughtfully!) provides to its engineers. I nibble-nibble-nibble on the chips, salsa and popcorn that I keep in the house for my ravenous family. I make cakes, cookies, candies, pies — because I come from a family of chefs, bakers and gourmet cooks – and I learned at their knees that there is nothing in life you cannot sedate with a good plate of strudel. ::laughs::
But, that is not a healthy pattern. I cannot eat away life’s problems. Doing that, I will dead by fifty. Plus, it teaching my beautiful girl a way of dealing with stress that will haunt her for the rest of her life. I don’t want her to struggle with her weight as I have done over the years. I want her good attitude about food and exercise to be automatic.
So now, my goal is to *breathe* instead of nibble when life throws up something unexpected. It may even become an automatic response someday. But for now, I think that “breathe” will be the top of my goal list for some time to come.

My (other) goal for today is going to be to put together my schedule. I know that I am going to need around an hour, hour and a half, depending. *ponders aloud* If I am doing these before work, I will also need to schedule in Summer’s school stuff and getting ready for work.

I will post said schedule once I have it complete. Being able to pull it up and look at it online will help.

8 thoughts on “Learning to Breathe

  1. Logging my workouts has really helped me stick to it. I don’t know if I will be brave enough to log what goes into my mouth, but if I plateau, I just might.

    Good luck on the schedule stuff. I have to get my calendars moved over sometime this weekend. Oh joy!

    Good luck on the breathing thing too.

    1. here’s the sad part — and as a working Mommy, I know you’ll grok this::

      I have to put together a schedule of *when* I can workout. Then, I can schedule my actual workouts — when to do UB, abs, LB, cardio, etc. ::eye roll::

      But, I got it all done — today is going to be about getting rid of the junk food. My game group is about the recipient of a WHOLE lotta baked goods.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about being a worrier. Writing this helped me at one of the worst-worrying parts of last year. Good luck with the breathing and everything else.

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