I am having kind of a meh day. Not in a bad mood, per se. Just in that space of waiting for the bad mood to descend.

A.) I had/am having a chat with BF—who can be somewhat clueless, sometimes—where he makes me feel less than attractive.

B.) Just got off a round of anti-biotics. Ladies, don’t forget to take your acidophilus while on anti-b’s. Just sayin’.**

C.) In between the flu, cedar fever, the sinus infection/bronchitis and dehydration from the heat being on, my skin looks pretty good. For a crocodile.

D.) The weather sucks. But, not bad enough for us to go home early.

Again, not bad. Just…meh. Think I am going to go home early anyway and blow up shit on City of Heroes. Nothing quite like exploding villains to take your mind off the blahs.

** – some water, some wheat and I’m baking bread, I swear.

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  1. Things to do…

    1 – Find that picture of you that makes you feel like you look amazing. Tape it to all the mirrors in the house. Remember that the BF isn’t the one that makes you feel “pretty”….you are.

    2 – Drink water.

    3 – Apply lotion.

    4 – Remember that being cozy with the BF under a blanket is much nicer than roasting with the heater on. Turn the heat down, snuggle, watch movie, make him bring you hot chocolate with extra shmallows.

  2. Just got off a round of anti-biotics. Ladies, don’t forget to take your acidophilus while on anti-b’s. Just sayin’

    *cracks up* that is so adding insult to injury when it happens.

    1. Anti-b’s kill all the bad *and* good bacteria in the body. If you don’t replace the good quickly enough, the bad have a chance to take over.
      Acidophilus, amongst other things, counters yeast production.

      You know that sensation when your eyes are irritated, so you rub them, and they become more and more irritated?
      Shove that sensation up your penis at about 10x intensity. And leave it there indefinitely. Scratch with whatever will fit. Then urinate. Repeat until good internal flora has been restored, however long that takes.

    2. Acidophilus is a pro-biotic, which puts good bacteria (which the antibiotic has been killing off along with the bad bacteria you’re taking it for) back into the system.

      It’s also a good thing to give your kid if there are digestive issues from an illness. Or digestive issues from antibiotics. (Any kid here taking an antibiotic is going to take a probiotic as well, as I really hate dealing with diarrhea.)

    1. I’ve upped my water intake and doing the lotion thing on top of that. But, being sick + the heat being on + blowing nose 80 kazillion times a day = Crocodile purse face.

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