Yup…what we got here is a “Monday”. Nasty little buggers, those.

Thus far today has been pretty damn odd.

It all started last night — doesn’t it always start the night before? I got a call from ex-J saying “What do I want to do about Monday?”
ME: “Umm….go to work?”
EXJ: “Oh.”
ME: “…why?”
EXJ: “Because the Girl doesn’t have school on Monday.”
ME: “Yes, and? You don’t work on Mondays. Extra time with the Girlie, score!”
EXJ: “Well, when are you going to come and get her?”
ME: “I was thinking that I could do that after work. I know that’s a radical thought but, there you go. I am kind of a radical girl.”

More useless blather ensued but essentially he finally comes out and says that he and his new wife have some errands that they would like to go and run today. Mostly to do with the Social Security and DPS; and they don’t want to take her with them because she would be “uber bored”.
::eye roll:: I tell him that I will come and get her in the morning — mostly to just shut him up, as I wasn’t in the mood to deal with his passive-aggressive BS — and take her to KS* until I get off work.

Do the swirly-Wayne’s World-time-is-passing fade now…

Funky disco music sounds loud next to my sleeping head

Grab the phone and gargle at whoever it is on the other side. Its the ex. Its 815 and where the fuck am I?
Rub bleary eyes, clear fuzz from throat and manage to croak that I apparently overslept. It happens with me.** I tell him that I am sorry but I cannot come and get the Girl as planned. I’ve got to get my shit in gear and get to work. Besides, the KS is closer to his house. He can just drop her off when they head out to run their errands.
He starts to get all pissy with me and say that he will have to “make arrangements, then because Roommate C is borrowing the car.”
Now, I have absolutely no pity for him. And I let him know so by saying, “then take your wife’s car, J.”
EXJ: (sheepishly) OH.

::eye roll, AGAIN::
Whatever. I am now late for work and blaze out of bed, into clothes and out the door. Because I do not have to drop le Child at school, I elect to take the 360 route to work. Bad, bad idea. When I got up to the interchange, traffic was stopped all the way back (from Lake Creek, I later found out). I sat there for five minutes and traffic didn’t even twitch.

You ever have an idea that seems like its FAN-TAB-U-LOUS at the time but in actual execution, sucks Skid Row basket cases?

Well, that was my idea of hopping off 360, cutting through the Arboretum and taking the 183 to Anderson Mill to 620 route to work. It too was a fuckarow of traffic. *sigh*

It was 930 before I actually made it in to work. I park underground, (what in the hell is that noise?) go to the elevator, swipey the card (boop!) and punch the ‘vator button. The light comes on…the light goes off. Huh? Must not of punched it good or something***.
(boop!), PUNCH!
FUCK! Its only then that I notice that the regular lights are, in fact, not on. Instead the emergency lights are running. And that loud humming sound I had noticed? Its the generator running.

I’ll spare the stupid details of moving the car, stairs (OMG, stairs!) and calls to the boss. Long story short is that the office power system suffered a nervous breakdown at 6 something this morning. Boss man says go work from home, its all good. Teeth grinding occurs. Determine that in this instance the coffee maker counts as “priority only machinery” and make a cuppa. THEN I head back out into the rain, homeward.
It took me twenty minutes tops, to get home. I’m going to work until 3 and then go get my kid . That will give her ample opportunity to play and let me finish the test case I am working on. Having thus satisfied work requirements, I will not feel guilty and can take the rest of the afternoon off to setup the Girlie’s computer.


* – KS = KidSpace. Drop in daycare. Reasonablish rates and Summer loves going there.
** – Esp. if I’ve had a night of little/no sleep. I’ve been an insomniac for years. If I am up until 3 am, staring at ceiling tiles, yeah – I will likely not hear the alarm.
*** – Hey, I was operating on less than 1/2 a cup of coffee at that point.

18 thoughts on “Yup…what we got here is a “Monday”. Nasty little buggers, those.

  1. More useless blather ensued but essentially he finally comes out and says that he and his new wife have some errands that they would like to go and run today. Mostly to do with the Social Security and DPS; and they don’t want to take Summer with them because she would be “uber bored”.

    Umm, he *does* know that very likely the SocSec & DPS offices will be closed today? Being MLK Day?

    1. I doubt he thought that far ahead.

      Srsly. It doesn’t exist for him if its not right in front of him. The strange thing is, A (new wife) is usually pretty organized. I can only think that they just wanted some time together — their schedules are pretty opposite — and it being MLK day might have meant that she has the day off. If he’d just have come right out and said so, I wouldn’t be as “what a maroon!”, you know?

      (I am inflicted with Walken-itis today. The condition usually consists of a tendency to run on sentences and odd comma, placement.) *laugh*

      Any ole hoo…how are you? Did you have some funs out this weekend?

      1. Any ole hoo…how are you? Did you have some funs out this weekend?

        I’m doing OK – my thighs kinda ache. I did pushups & squats Saturday daytime, followed by more dancing than I usually get in on a given night. I should keep that up – I’ll need the endurance when Flipside rolls around ’cause there’s dancing aPLENTY to be had and I don’t want to miss out.

  2. My only question is … as there is no school today because of it being a holiday (banks are closed too) are SS or DPS offices open? We’ve been assuming the DMV offices would be closed as well. *shrugs*

    1. As I was telling LS – I doubt that was the real reason. But, I could be wrong. I am just no longer inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt where she is concerned. :/

      At any rate — *hug!*

  3. There have been times when I have been less than upfront with my ex. Simply due to past stressors and suxxorz. J may not be “over” all that crap, and is cringing at the idea of another argument/disagreement/awkward moment with you. Should smooth out in time. In the meantime, try being politely blunt. Gets your point across without stress rolling over onto the princess of cuteness.

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