Here’s hoping today is not the clusterfuck that yesterday was. 🙂

Got *nothing* done yesterday. Instead, we had a rain day. We read. We watched TV. We colored. We had lunch and wandered around in a grocery store. Went home. Petted the kitties. And yes, it was very nice.

Tonight however, we need to buckle down and get things accomplished. The house needs some McCleaning. Laundry. Cooking. Cannibalizing my old computer. Setting up the new one. Setting up Girlie’s (made from my old Frankenputer).

Busy, busy.

Back to work for me.

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      1. You may know my friend Merispork! *singing – It’s a small world after all!*

        I had purple hair a long time ago, it was fun. It wasn’t pretty when it started to fade though. I looked like an easter egg. *lol*

        I’d like to do dark dark brown with burgandy streaks. Maybe I could get away with a simplified version of that by doing dark brown with red highlights…

      2. I say anything involving streaks to take it to a specialist and ask for exactly what you want, and tell them what you’d be okay with as an alternative…My personaly favorite hair coloring style I used to have was violet black with chunky fire red streaks.

      3. That sounds beautiful.

        And there is totally know way I would attempt streaking or highlights myself. Professional services would be required. 🙂

      4. I’ve done my own both highlighting and bleached streaks for colors….not pleasant..turned out fine but paying for the accuracy and the pampering is so much more worth it…

        the only time I reallyliked the streaks of mine was a pre set kit of color and a wand where I just added a bit of highlights to a color…it was fun, but it’d be hard to get an alternate color using that method of highlighting…

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