17 thoughts on “whoa…

  1. Zoiks. Re-orgs are evil, but they’re the better alternative because it’s not a shameful exit. The advance notice is always better than *SURPRISE! GET OUT!* one day.

  2. GTECH

    IIRC you are in software test engineering … ?

    I know we have a requisition open for a DB2 administrator. We’ve had a few people leave since the layoffs last year, so there may be some other ones as well.

    If you’re interested, call 512-691-8300 and as for Derek Mills, our local recruiter. (Our website is gtech.com, but don’t submit anything there; it will just disappear into a black hole in Providence.)

  3. I know someone who may have a job you’d qualify for. If you could e-mail me (and you can just use the [username] at livejournal dot com trick, since mine is a paid account), I can put you in touch with her.

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