*jumps on the baaaa-nd wagon*


austingoddess did a song lyric meme. Sounds fun. Plus, I’m bored and the VE Modeler is being a total badger hump.

Remember, no Googling or clowns will eat you.

1. Wishing wells and cockle shells, they swim throughout my head
takhisis Sweet, Switchblade Symphony

2. Its more than fascination. A perfect hallucination.

3. Don’t you turn around and say, its bound to end in tears?
austingoddess Puss in Boots, Adam Ant

4. Your splendor drips with jewels that are so beautiful

5. You’ve got to press it on you
squidflakes Dare, The Gorillaz

6. I need a respite from this noise, the distant roar of static oceans

7. Hurt, the measure of blind ambition, the testament to your singular disease

8. He sat in her boudoir while she freshened up
rustymarble Lady Marmalade, Christina A., Pink, Lil Kim, Mya, et al

9. Vamos queriendo mas y mas
<lj user="ebony14"? Mas, Kinky

10. There’s a pain, a famine in your heart
takhisis Halo, Depeche Mode

Thank god, its Friday! (Dragnet theme plays)


In other news: Party to go to tonight. NO idea what to wear. *ponders closet and panics slightly*
Anyone want to dress me?

Also? Don’t go see Jumper. I hear that the graphic novel(?) is pretty good; so am likely going to pick that up.

There were two cool moments – of about five seconds apiece, and neither one involved actual “actor”* input – in the stupid thing. But overall, the movie should be shot into space and forgotten about. Maybe someday its terrible scripting, plotting, acting, and general suckitude will scare an alien invasionary force. My X’athqua! they will think. Only a race that is callous and hardened to all feelings would watch something like this! We must flee while the fleeing is good! And away they will fly.

That’s what I think is probably the best use for it, at any rate.

* – “actors” because they sure weren’t doing anything even remotely thespian.