the Clusterfuck approaches!

I’m sorry, you said what? We’re testing what?

You cannot be serious. Didn’t we decide that there was no further use in testing this? I mean, seriously. I thought we had come to the conclusion that it was a product that had no future. Its only got :::blah blah blah numbers blah blah::: subscribers right now. Why are we even investing this kind of development and testing time?

*Charlie Brown teacher voice, (waah-waah-waaaah waaah, waaah-waah-waah-waaaaaaaaah)*

Ok, so how long do we have to test this incredibly complicated and yet terribly powerless product line?

Three days? THREE days? It takes longer than that to set the goddamn thing up.

Allergies are back, yay! But, otherwise fine.

You are fucking kidding, right?

12 thoughts on “the Clusterfuck approaches!

      1. Yanno….

        I may be the only geek in existence who has not read those books.

        However, I did find a new pic to make an icon out of. For yewwwwwwwwwww! 😀

    1. Re: I’m sure you’ve been told this, but just in case,

      Aww! *blushes* Thank you!

      Actually, that is one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten. I /did/ have an SO who told me that I had “salsa-colored” eyes.

  1. you can borrow my old CTO. He figured that setup time, requirements gathering, planning time – that’s all stuff his employees made up for no reason. Probably just other words for “slacking”.

    He figured he could cut down the time on any of our planned activities by removing stuff like that from the MS Project file. Because, yaknow, if the Gantt chart has the right date on it, everything’s gonna be okay…

    Good luck with the testing!

    1. How’s this for a fuckerall::

      When I first got here, they would deliver new code in the middle of a testing round. And QA would pick it up and start testing from where they were in the round. With NO backwards checking.

      *eye roll*

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