>> Still testing the stupidest, yet most complex install ever. I’ve got until Tuesday to get it wrapped up. Just…epic fail. That’s all I have to say (for now).

>> Yesterday beyond sucked for productivity. Allergies from Hell struck again; and being the bright person that I am, I went to the pharmacy to pick up something to deal with it. Yeah. I had to leave work 2 hours early to drive home – a journey that I do NOT remember making – and sleep for four hours.

>> The Girl is doing much better in school but had an incident earlier this week where she wasn’t listening/paying attention at school. *sigh*

>> *SNEEZE!!!sneezesneezesneezejesuschristsneezesneezeSNEEZEohcrapthatsmybrainsonthewallsneezesneeze!!!*

>> between feeling like crap and being insanely busy this week, my diet/workout plans have fallen apart. I’m not gonna “start over” but just gonna keep on trucking.

>> ummm….

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