monday, monday…la-la…lalalala….


Gah…got _nothing_ done in the house over the weekend. On the plus side, I feel better as my allergies have subsided somewhat. I am so freaking glad that whatever was sporing is apparently done. As are, I am quite sure, most people that live around here. Just recently, my journal (and that of many of my FL) has been like reading the diaries of people in a plague ward:

“…not too bad today, my eyeballs are still in my head. Praying that I don’t sneeze again, as they are likely to shoot out.”
“How in the hell did I get a plauge boil there?

Ah, well. It was probably funnier in my head.

I am taking Her Girliness to a local kung fu academy tonight. She’s going to participate/watch a class and see if its something that she is interested in. I know that *I* am interested in the adult beginner classes. A friend of mine has been going there for several years now — and they teach her how to use weapons.
I also would like to learn capoeira but there is only one place that teaches it here that I know of — and that’s situated downtown. *bleah* and *blargle* just on the parking aspect of that.

Mission 101 is still going full steam. Today’s task are:

Create a weekly chore schedule for the Girl with allowance amounts attached to it
Organize clothes into Casual, Business, Workout, Sleepies, Club/Fetish/RP and Don’t Wear.
Bag up the “don’t wear” to take to Safe Place.


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