Bah, I say.

*checks scripts again and sees that they are actually running, with the correct servers being pinged*

Oh, good. I would hate to think that all the work that I did yesterday was for naught. Yanno,…again.

Have you?

For the last few days, I have had some pretty interesting/heart to heart/intense conversations with people, ranging over a wide variety of topics.
We’ve talked about our exes — why they are exes, what happened there? Why did we get with them in the first place?
Our children — hopes, fears, discussions of parenting styles (or lack thereof). Some of the conversations naturally touched back on the exes.
Health — why is it so hard to start/maintain a healthy lifestyle? Can you fit a hedonistic predilection into being healthy?
Books — what have YOU been reading, anyway? Why is particular genre so looked down upon? What is the best way to get a book published; esp. if you aren’t really interested in anything *other* than just getting it published so that people can read it.
Editing said books — do you get it professionally done or have friends do it? Or both? If a person helps you with hashing out some, say battle tactics or the law structure of the world, for your book – where do you give props in the book?
Politics — why some of the candidates only look good on paper and why they are raving, bigoted lunatics.
Sex — kinky vs vanilla; and just *what* makes something kinky, anyway? Who gets to make up the labels? Who sets these standards? Why can’t it just be sex, something that consenting adults enjoy together?
Future in school — do I want to persue a completely different career or just get some courses under my belt to augment the current career path?

Not that we don’t normally have conversations like this but it just seems like its cropping up quite a bit more often and with a stronger intensity this week.


7 thoughts on “bah!

  1. I believe I was one of those folks you talked with.

    Otherwise, I haven’t really had time to talk with anyone about anything deep and whatnot. Too many things going on at once to have any decent social conversations.

  2. It’s amazing… when one of my guy friends thought I would be pretty vanilla in bed. We’ve never had sex or anything. I guess, he just thought I was a girl next door, vanilla person. Of course, that got me to say, “well, it’s usually the girl next door types that are pretty kinky/freaky in bed.” *grins*

  3. Just cuz someone’s vanilla in bed, doesn’t mean they’re not the whole sundae with chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce, nuts, and a bit of M&M sprinkled on top. Vanilla’s a good base for a LOT of things.

    1. True, and I am not doubting that.

      But there are folks – astonishing but, true – who only ever want vanilla. Day in, day out. Nothing but. And while that is very fulfilling to *them* it don’t work for *me*.

      1. I don’t really believe that. I used to think I was that way…then I tried adding a little bit of flavor. Some of it I liked. Some I hated. And some I was impartial to. I think everyone likes some sort of topping on the vanilla. Maybe it’s not chocolate syrup, but maybe it’ll be pineapple, or perhaps cherry. They just have to let their curiosity take over.

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