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Not much going on today. Had a pretty fun weekend although not enough sleep, as per usual. Danced my ass off Saturday night – to the tune of still freaking sore today. Ran errands and cleaned on Sunday. Did more of that on Monday (which we had off due to it being Prez day). Got the Girlie last night (it’s my/our week, yay!!!). We did find out that Mister Man looks funny when the dentist over injects him with bunches of Novocaine. I made him go grocery shopping with me anyway. And I was *very* proud because he only drooled on himself a little.


So, I may or may not have mentioned that my contract is going to expire here at *coughmumble* Inc. in about 4 months. With that in mind, Mister Man and I have been doing the “what are we going to do” talks. The three options that we have come up with are as follows:

A. I work here until the end of contract, find a new job and just continue in this field to make money.
B. I work here until I find a new job and then jump ship.
C. Work here until the end of the contract, and in the meantime get everything ready to start school full time (prob for summer session). Find a part time or late night job; one where I can actively study in “down” times would be ideal.

We are leaning towards Option C. This makes me

very happy and terribly nervous

4 thoughts on “hello world

  1. Good luck with the going back to school option.

    Question/Suggestion… Why don’t you go into massage like you were talking about a few years ago? You could do that part-time while still making good money, and going to school. I’m sure one of the day-spas around Austin could use someone PT.

      1. $300 + for CEU’s (continuing education units)
        $150 or so for the licensure

        And this is all if the deadline hadn’t run out. Which it did in January.

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