what’s left?

You have done werry well, my son. Werry well, indeed.

Now,…for the rest.

The Music

1. Narcotic imbalance; the energy is strong

8. Look at your fingers end all time ;Chop your head off say goodbye

10. Bosh Bosh Bosh, loads of money

13. If you surrender ; You’ll feel no pain ; ‘Cause I’m the master of this game

15. Vengeance is boiling ; Hes returned to kill the light

The Movies

3. “He sits there just *waiting* to be trussed up and gagged!”

7. “Do you know what dying tastes like? Metal.”

15. “It’s a beautiful thing, alimony. You lose a husband, you get a car. Think it’ll help me pick up dudes?”

16. “We all have our little foibles, and mine is the prompt settling of accounts. ”

Mixed Media

2. “Be proud, Mr. Woo.”

5. “Darkness. The town is being devoured by darkness! Strength must overcome petty desire, childish sleep talk! I knew this day would come…”

7. “Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry.”