“You drive like the insipid whelp of a week-dead jellyfish. Grow some vertebrae or get out of the passing lane.

Love and kisses,
~the woman trapped behind you

I am an idiot savant. Or, at the very least, I am an idiot.

Took my assessment test at ACC yesterday. Apparently, I am brilliant as a reader, writer and English grammatical person. Math? Yeah, not so much. The counselor damn near patted me on the head as she said*, “Ah, its OK! You can do better, right? Everybody has a hard time with math! There, there.”

Long story short — my degree plan only requires 1 (count ’em, ONE) college-level math course. But, I failed the math assessment SO bad that they are recommending** that I take TWO Math:Basic courses (I feel like a Rifts character) before attempting the one that I actually require.


Anyone wanna tutor me? I will trade one home cooked meal a week for a couple hours of “what in the heck does that mean?”

My head hurt so bad yesterday that I considered whapping it into into a brick wall to get some relief. But, I persevered. And took ALOT of Excedrine. Long about midnight, it finally relented. ahhhh…its done Or so I thought. I was figuring that it was a combination of stress and not eating until 2PM. But, damn if I didn’t wake up with another headache this morning.

Anyone wanna rub me?

*- I am paraphrasing. But, not by much.
** – where “recommending” = requiring
** – the Alfred Hitchcock theme song. I have some decidedly odd music.