Oh, yeah!

Also, for the local peeps.

My Psych class is doing a survey/lab/experiment in Zilker Park at the Springs this Sunday.
We will be there most of the day – starting around 11 AM.
It will take about 5 minutes (tops) of your time to participate. AND its fun. Plus, those who participate get an ice cold FREE water. Whoooo!
This is important when the weather is going to look like this for the next few days:


Today I am scrolling through my FL, drinking coffee, more or less gearing up for the day.

Hmm…Politics…Bush, Obama, McCain

The usual arguments for and against.
ooh, snappy reparte! I LOVE snappy reparte!
Steampunk stuff for sale
Kitties CAN haz cheezeburger
Finally. Maybe the cheeseburger will allow proper grammar to reign free again.
Automotive shop advice for North Austin.
Ah, *recommendrecommend*
Kinky Safety Question – Electro Shock Collar — Safe for humans?


I don’t know why that caught me cross-wise. After all, it IS my friend list. And lord knows I am not an fluttering delicate innocent.

I think it was because it was smack in the middle of all this other mundanery that I had to do a double take.


I went back and read the post:

I recently got my hands on a remote control electro-shock collar. I already know that it’s not safe to zap above the waist due to cardiological and neurological issues. I’ve been wearing it on my crotch for about a week now, and I’m starting to develop small sores where I get zapped.

*blink blink*

So the answer to their question is: No. Probably not safe.