Geekery, Doubled

MARE: Texty McTexterstein
FRIEND X: heh. heya
MARE: Good morning.
FRIEND X: yeah, we still haven’t seen it yet.
MARE: Dark Knight? Well worth seeing on the big screen.
FRIEND X: as I hear.
MARE: tee hee
MARE: I just found out that archeologists have found the actual portal to Mayan Hell. Its a real live place.
FRIEND X: I see. Do tell.
MARE: This makes me happy as I am running a meso-american inspired Marvel campaign.
FRIEND X: The ruins. great little aded monster for your heroes to deal with…
MARE: *nod* I’m thinking a “dungeon crawl” type piece. Maybe to get information but more likely because I just like putting them through Hell. Hahahahahaha! (*strokes fuzzy white cat that suddenly appeared in her lap*)
FRIEND X: Finger out of mouth, you. Your job to to make sure they have fun, not torture them unceasingly. Unless they LIKE that, then you are set.
FRIEND X: And I was meaning “The ruins” the movie that came out recently. Some excellent plants with the munchies.
MARE: I know. But…but…a little torture can be fun AND its character building. So to speak.
MARE: Ah, right. Hadn’t seen that one.
FRIEND X: Not much of a movie, per se. But plants that can mimic sounds, move, and prey on humans. Oh yeah. Good stuff.
MARE: oooh! Nifty! *adds to her arsenal* May or may not actually use them but if they get to the Hell part; well, HELL yeah!
FRIEND X: Last dnd game included a room with tons of hanging vines and roots. An invisible plant creature was chomping on the players, and their quick movements in reaction set off the assassin vines hidden amongst the vines near their heads…
FRIEND X: So, biting plant invis, and 4 assassin vines grabbing and strangling people. All was good until the war mage whipped out Burning Hands. Fight went downhill for the leaves after that…
FRIEND X: (sighs)
MARE: *snicker* That IS the best way to get rid of plant-villains. “Oh, you’re a PLANT demon? Let me summon a Fire Elemental. Ya’ll work it out amongst yourselves.”
FRIEND X: Then you throw the flip in of a plant that specifically feeds off of heat, (body, light, spells, etc) like the brown molds, and that fixes that problem.
FRIEND X: Had that two games ago…
MARE: LOL And you call ME evil