And another thing!

Had a simply amazing feast for Thanksgiving. Thank you to all who participated! 🙂 The food, the company and the chatter were amazingly fabulous. Plus, I got to cook with BFF — something I haven’t done since days of yore.

From the Tam’s journal…I couldn’t say it better myself

Bon’s T-Day yesterday was mighty nummy, and with all the children present, not lacking for entertainment. 🙂 Thanks to Bon and all present for a fabulous feast!
I especially love the way that Bon and I work together under pressure. Our conversation is just this rapid-fire:
B: Opening the oven with something hot!
T: I’m behind your ass with a open cabinet.
B: Gotcha. Can hand me X out of the Y drawer?
T: (finds easily) Here you go, ma’am. What else needs doing?
B: Umm… here’s the plates and silverware.
T: Right…will need glasses out, too. Want me to put on some tea?
B: That’d be good. Look over H’s head.
T: On it.
For like an hour, we were just going at it like that. We rock. 🙂

Today is Pajama Day!

Thank you all who came for dinner. It was amazing to see all of you again and break bread together. Good grief, that was a lot of food!
And I think I have something like 3 pies left over. 🙂

The ‘kins and I are going to hang out, watch movies, eat pie and in general be lazy today. I stepped up onto the coffee table and made the announcement at nine this morning.

“Today is Pajama Day.
There will be no homework.
There will be no housework (except in the course of getting snacks, et cetera).
There will be movie watching.
There will be card games.
There will be no shoes nor socks (unless our feet get chilly).
There will only be silliness and pj’s!
So speaketh the Mama!
So let it be written!
So let it be done!”

There was general cheering and a demand for pie. 🙂

Turkey Day is nigh

The Refugee Thanksgiving is a go. Repeat, Turkey Day is a go!

Der plan – as I know it – is thus:

BON that’d be me
Iced Tea
Bottle of White
Bottle of Red
Baked Mac n Cheese (including one subset containing non-gluten noodles)
Balsamic Green Beans
Maybe a coconut cream pie, some pumpkin tartlets and the Brownies of Doom

Pecan Pie

Holls and Chadders
Brocolli-Cheese casserole
Smashed taters
Cornbread dressing

E and R, et al
Rolls! ’cause a roll’s a roll 🙂

Potential Dessert.

Was there anyone else bringing thingies? I know you probably told me but I have slept since then.

Edited to add pie and berries.
and rolls.
and veggies and dessert.

I’m an idiot. A really, really cold idiot

Our house. In the middle of the street
Our house. That was were we used currently freeze…

Turned on the heater ten minutes ago. Because we forgot to turn it on last night. And left some windows open. We have snuggly warm blankies on bed so no one noticed until we got of bed.
There was immediately some flaily leaping around to find the warm clothes.

Found ’em!

Hunting socks; the giant, woolly ones
Sweat pants
Thermal shirt
Tasty hot beverage
cats curled up on my feet
penguins wandering by