bzzzt,bzzt,bzzt…Zop Dweee Dop-Dop-Dop Dweee Dow!

The *only* good thing that has happened thus far on this abysmal Monday is: I have the Tick cartoon theme song stuck in my brain.

Other than? Total carniferous suckage.

Some of it is my fault — stayed up late because wanted to talk to Mister Man…Bedtime was at 1.45 in the AM.

My phone *says* it went off at its appointed alarm time of 6.32.14 AM. I’m pretty sure that it did and I never heard it tho. Actual wake up time? 7.25 AM. The Girlie has to be in desk, at school at 7.45 AM.
Fairly certain I turned the air blue as I struggled out of bed and cursed in new and inventive ways.

I get her up and headed towards clothing. I then struggled downstairs and narrowly avoided the pile o’cat poop in the living room.

Commence DEATH GLARE at kitties. Who both do the LEAP! thing and poing away, like so many rabid weasels.
Summer comes downstairs…”have you brushed your teeth?” Summer goes *back* upstairs.

I finish making her lunch in record time (6.7 seconds to lasso that sammich, banana, water bottle thingie and chips into her lunch sack. A new lunch-rodeo record, folks!) and she reappears on the stairs looking sheepish.

“Um….I may have forgotten — TOTALLY on accident!! — to do the homework I was assigned for the weekend.”
“Guess you are going to miss recess to complete it, aren’t you?”
(more sheepish looks, also with the trying to be adorably cute in an OMIGOSH, did I forget my homework AGAIN? sort of way. This is (of course) only irritating at this point.) “Yes ma’am.”
“Guess what else?”
(now a giant wounded look of YOU WOULDN’T!) “You’re taking away my DS again?”
“Yay, you guessed right. Get in the car.”

I don’t even have the energy to describe the various antics of the stupid that happened in traffic. Suffice it to say that even sunk in the depths of no-DS misery, the Girlie noticed that there was a lot of stupid on the road today.

Girlie dropped off, I take my exhausted ass back home to try and catch some zzz’s before my school starts. I get home, get naked, get under the covers and start to drift.
The WHOLE bed shakes as Mister Man does his turning-over-by-levitating-and-dropping-from-a-10-foot-height trick. AGHHH! Since I am was lightly sleeping at that point, I startle awake and pop out of bed. Onto the floor, ass first.
Get back into bed.
Snuggle down.

Text from friend comes in. BLEEP!
Oh, ffs. *ignore text* Try to go back to sleep.
Text from another friend comes in. BLEEP! (I swear to Rudy that the fucking thing was even louder the second time. Like it was offended that I had ignored the first one.)
I am now wide flipping awake, with no hope of sleep. I get up and head to school through another plague of road-stupid.
First class is Algebra. Oh, goody.
Today we are doing addition and subtraction of complex algebraic fractions. Shit that looks like:

1/2x + 4/3 + 5         -    5x5 + x4 + 3/4x3  
5x5 x4                      x4 + 8/7x8    

After that, I decided to come home for lunch.
Only to find that the toilet I had put the cat poop down had overflowed.

Today is FIRED.