I could while away the hours, destroying pretty flowers
thinking ’bout the rain…
While my boobs are sorely aching,
and my family’s likely quaking
It’s PMS time again!

My uterus is cramping, my napkins quickly dampening
my head is full of pain…
With the angst I am feeling,
you prob’bly should be kneeling,
It’s PMS time again!

Ohhhh, IIIIIIII could tell you why, PMS is. Such. A. Bore.
And IIIIII could think of things I never thunk before
And then I’d think, wow! My twat is sore!

I have to go a-shoppin’, as my period’s a-hoppin
I’m all out o’supplies
I will terrify the shoppers with my cart all full of Whoppers
and Charmin double-sized!

(sung to the tune of If I Only Had A Brain)

Moment to moment, how busy we are

in this moment I am:
studying for my upcoming anatomy test.
processing some emotional stuff.
wondering about dinner.
feeling kind of low.
wishing there was such a thing as a magical UN-COMPLICATE button.
staving off a headache.
thinking about warm socks and how unreservedly good they are.
missing my kidlet.
deciding what to do about it, after all.
acting on impulse.
blowing my nose.
dreading tomorrow.
scritching the kitty between her ears.
having second thoughts.
planning for the future.
being and being and being.

Today is brought to you by the letters WTF! and the number Quoi?

Last night, I had a nightmare. It wasn’t scary; it was grievous. I dreamed that Mister Man left me. That he just walked up and in an emotionless tone said, “this isn’t working out” and left.
I woke up sobbing and head-achey. Only to realize that my alarm hadn’t gone off. Again.
At any rate, I took some ibuprofen, then got The Girlie and I to school, more or less on time. Go, me.

During the Anatomy Lecture, I started to get incredibly dizzy. My throat began to get that metallic-bitter nausea taste and my guts started to think about seceding from the union.

I finished the lecture (barely!) but I left before Anatomy Lab. Missing lab is, on the whole was a bad idea.
OTOH, sitting in a lab -which strongly smells of preserving chemicals – while my head roiled with lightheaded nausea was a Very Bad Idea.

Also? My needing to scramble out the door every four minutes to dash to the bathroom because my intestines have decided to declare an Everything MUST Go! fire sale also fell under the not such a grand idea, too.

I made it home in time to throw up in my own bathroom. So, there’s that, at least. I was pretty freaking confused until the room narrowed down to a dazzling pinpoint.


Thank you, head. I haven’t had a sneak attack migraine for at least four months. I had forgotten just how much fun it could be.

Mostly, I slept today. I think I finally fully woke up around 4PM. The auras had stopped and the nausea receded. My guts are still in deliberations, though.

I left the house once – to go and get the Girlie. I have spent the last part of the day on the back porch soaking up some sunlight and striving to become human, again. I’m almost there. I think a good night’s sleep – sans nightmares, please – would be helpful. We’ll see if I get my wish.