Moment to moment, how busy we are

in this moment I am:
studying for my upcoming anatomy test.
processing some emotional stuff.
wondering about dinner.
feeling kind of low.
wishing there was such a thing as a magical UN-COMPLICATE button.
staving off a headache.
thinking about warm socks and how unreservedly good they are.
missing my kidlet.
deciding what to do about it, after all.
acting on impulse.
blowing my nose.
dreading tomorrow.
scritching the kitty between her ears.
having second thoughts.
planning for the future.
being and being and being.

4 thoughts on “Moment to moment, how busy we are

  1. You and me both, sweetheart. Anything I can do to help or lessen the burden?

    (if moving tomorrow is what you’re dreading, I’ll make other arrangements, k?)


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