I could while away the hours, destroying pretty flowers
thinking ’bout the rain…
While my boobs are sorely aching,
and my family’s likely quaking
It’s PMS time again!

My uterus is cramping, my napkins quickly dampening
my head is full of pain…
With the angst I am feeling,
you prob’bly should be kneeling,
It’s PMS time again!

Ohhhh, IIIIIIII could tell you why, PMS is. Such. A. Bore.
And IIIIII could think of things I never thunk before
And then I’d think, wow! My twat is sore!

I have to go a-shoppin’, as my period’s a-hoppin
I’m all out o’supplies
I will terrify the shoppers with my cart all full of Whoppers
and Charmin double-sized!

(sung to the tune of If I Only Had A Brain)

19 thoughts on “A-hem…mimimimimi…

  1. Good job on the song! I had the tune running through my head even before I read what tune you had written the words to go with. My condolences on the angry uterus, go read some of ‘s angry uterus posts, maybe it will scare yours into quiescence.

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