Today’s PSA….

austingoddess has posted some excellent advice re:H1N1 in her journal. I would like to expand on that theme some.

For those who don’t want the Piggy Flu:

If you can, avoid places like doctor’s offices and hospitals. Here’s why: all those folks who DO have the virus are there. Breathing. Out into the air and stuff. Respiratory droplets, mmmboy!

Same goes for any place where large crowds congregate. You hear that coughing, sneezing etc.? Yeah.

Speaking of which, if you are out in public – Cover yer damn mouth when you sneeze/cough/hork up a lung.

As she said, start gearing up your immune system(s). Vitamins are a great start. Also, lots of fresh food (rather than cans/boxes/overly processed-already chewed “food”) I would suggest adding some natural bug killers like vitamin C and garlic to your every day diet. And again, by food and NOT by powdered garlic-tasting granules.

Drink more water. A well hydrated system = a smoothly running one. You want your body to be able to transport anything particularly nasty out, with a quickness.

Sleep. I do not mean grab catnaps. I mean, set a bed time and get thee into your place of rest for 8-10 hours a cycle*. This is when your bod sends out the construction crews for general repair.

If you do catch something — stay the hell home and don’t spread it further. I know that some folks will say, “I have to work and make the dollars” Really? You want to go into work with something that is still considered a pandemic ? Spread the joy? Stay home and get better. More than likely, your boss/co-workers will be happier with you if you do.

I know all this sounds like pretty basic info. It is. However, people tend to have a “never happen to me” attitude. Well, it will. The hospitals are full of people who thought the same thing.

* – you could be diurnal